Alessio Vaccari

Alessio Vaccari

Alessio Vaccari was born in Pisa in 1977. He approaches painting at about twenty years old; after the diploma of technical expert and two years of Faculty of Natural Sciences of Pisa, decides to follow his vocation and enroll in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Subsequently he moved to Rome to complete his studies specializing in decoration and obtaining the teaching qualification in Art History and Art and Image. Over the years he has matured his artistic research through the stubborn and passionate study of the great figurative tradition in an ideal line that includes Roman naturalistic painting, Vermeer, Chardin, Friedrich, Seurat, Hammershöi, Giacometti, Ferroni, Guccione. Unrivaled personalities, all part of a spiritual family, united by the need to elaborate, through the tools of the trade, the feeling of indefiniteness that belongs to space, to the things themselves, to the memory that keeps them. His first source of inspiration is always the space and the light that structures it; however it is difficult to say exactly what the artist wants to express, it's more a certain feeling … the vibration of the light, the sigh of motionless time, the indefinite perception of being.

I remember as a child that the perception of space in the playroom in relation to small toys that I always preferred worried me, sometimes I felt the sensation of infinity similar to the recurring dream of falling into the void.

He currently lives and works in Rosignano Solvay, Leghorn.


VACCA0002 The time of sleep oil on panel 40x30 cm - 2021
VACCA0003 Pink shapes in precarious balance oil on panel 40x30 cm - 2020
VACCA0001 La carta del ricordo olio su tavola cm 36x39.5 - 2019
VACCA0001 The paper of remembrance oil on panel 36x39.5 cm - 2019
VACCA0006 The front oil on panel 38.5x50.5 cm - 2021
VACCA0007 Battlefield oil on panel 30x30 cm - 2019
VACCA0009 The little guardian oil on panel 30x40 cm - 2021
VACCA0011 Fine dello spettacolo olio su tavola cm 33.5x60.5 - 2021
VACCA0011 End of the show oil on panel cm 33.5x36.5 - 2021
VACCA0004 Siamo soli olio su tavola cm 25.2x36.7 - 2021
VACCA0004 We are alone oil on panel 25.2x36.7 cm - 2021
VACCA0014 La casa di carta olio su cartone telato cm 25x30 - 2019
VACCA0014 The paper house oil on canvas cardboard 25x30 cm - 2019
VACCA0013 The dust castle oil on canvas cardboard 30x30 cm - 2016/2021
VACCA0012 The prince of time oil on canvas board cm 30x30 - 2021
VACCA0015 The butterfly laboratory oil on canvas cardboard 40x40 cm - 2021