Fausto De Nisco

#Fausto De Nisco was born in Sassuolo (Modena) in 1951. From a very young age he showed his talent for drawing and painting, exhibiting just twelve years old in group exhibitions with already established artists. He graduated in 1967 at the Venturi Art Institute of Modena and under the guidance of Umberto Mastroianni at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 1971. In the early eighties he participated in the cultural life of Bologna by exhibiting in several collective exhibitions curated by the critic Claudio Cerritelli. He participated in the cultural movement of Trans Mannerism curated by Giorgio Celli. He has exhibited in several personal and collective exhibitions and participated in the most important contemporary art fairs, arousing interest from critics and audiences.


DE-NI0007 The landscape of yellow oil on canvas cm 90x110 - 2005
DE-NI0025 Chineseland olio su tela cm 180x130 - 2007
DE-NI0045 The dark pania oil on canvas cm 150x150 - 2008
DE-NI0066 The house of the cold oil on canvas cm 150x150 - 2010
DE-NI0070 Stone flower oil on canvas cm 130x110 - 2007
DE-NI0043 Small poppies oil on canvas cm 130x100 - 2010
DE-NI0100 A winter evening oil on canvas cm 130x110 - 2011
DE-NI0019 Ringhierina oil on canvas cm 30x40 - 2007
DE-NI0042 Helion olio su tela cm 180x180 - 2008
DE-NI0092 Sudden oil on canvas cm 30x40 - 2010.
DE-NI0046 Otherland olio su tela cm 160x220 - 2007
DE-NI0035 Swallow oil on canvas cm 50x60 - 2007
DE-NI0068 The blue flower oil on canvas cm 100x100 - 2009.
DE-NI0077 Small banners oil on canvas cm 50x40 - 2009
DE-NI0076 A little thought oil on canvas cm 45x60 - 2009
DE-NI0093 Interior with green oil on canvas cm 50x40 - 2010
DE-NI0099 Paper flowers oil on canvas 110x130 cm - 2011
DE-NI0103 The blue vase oil on canvas cm 160x130 - 2011.jpg
DE-NI0109 Small pagoda oil on canvas cm 35x50 - 2012
DE-NI0108 Three flowers oil on canvas cm 70x80 - 2012
DE-NI0110 Figure in interior oil on canvas cm 35x50 - 2012

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