Lorenzo Fino

Nino Sindoni Art Gallery

Nino Sindoni Art Gallery Baiona is born (Espana) in 1962. He paints in oil and watercolor since 1977. He regularly exhibits his works since 1987. As an illustrator, among others, has published the following books: Blue Green Waves (1994), Iria and the moon (1997), Wonderful tales III (1999), Small mythology of Galicia (2001), Strawberry jam for cui, in 2001, wins the first prize for the international competition “Illustrated Album City of Alicante”, What children’s eyes see (2001), Our verses, Galician popular galego (2007), At the foot of Laxa da Moa (2010).


FINO-0007 Ulises e as sereas II cm 29x40x7 - 2005
UP-0007 Ulysses and the mermaids II cm 29x40x70 - 2005
UP-0003 Haiku watercolor on paper 33x51 cm - 2007
UP-0004 Cartoon smelled his cloth cm 46x65 - 2007
UP-0005 Andersen oil on canvas cm 54x65 - 2007
UP-0006 Papageno oil on canvas cm 46x65 - 2008