Luciano Baldacci

Luciano Baldacci

Luciano Baldacci was born in Macerata Feltria on 9 April of 1957. Painter and engraver trained at the "Book School" of Urbino, he currently lives and works in Sassofeltrio in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

An artist of "silence", this could be called Luciano Baldacci. His works and his own way of being, I avoid social life, lead to consideration of the concept of "silence". Silence in the sense of strictly personal dimension of his art and "silence" of his works, never "rowdy" in the themes, in the atmospheres, in the colors, always turn to a contemplation that leads to the whole inner pleasure of the world around us. Looking at his landscape, his still life, a gash in the woods or a ruin, all that is superfluous in life disappears and the essence of things appears: the more we are in contact with the simple and profound part of ourselves and of Nature, the more ours will be peace and spiritual enjoyment, much stronger and deeper than the physical one. Baldacci recovers the figurative tradition, without being trivial. His painting is not cold or academic, but full of observation spirit, of introspection force that allows him to capture and animate, with a certain meticulousness, the most hidden secrets of things and the apparently most insignificant details.

A refined artist with an unmistakable trait. The particular beauty of his paintings is admired, even upset, the image emanating from his works is so splendid. Baldacci does not like words, he prefers privacy and loves the solitude of his pleasant hills that surround his studio which is an intimate place(Corriere Adriatico)

A pastor of the brush who, like the poet, sings the lyrical inspiration of the simplest and most modest subjects: insects, locusts, old abandoned ruins(Rest of the Carlino)

It seems that to his works, so meticulously rich, yet so simple and pronounced almost "softly", we must approach "on tiptoe" in order not to ruin the "magical atmosphere" that surrounds them and that puts them in "intimate connection" with the secret world of each of us. " (Francesca Mariotti Borrelli)

It is not enough to imitate reality, it must be interpreted with a creative spirit, discover in it the mystery of life.(Gabriele Turola)


Montefeltro olio su tavola cm 40x30 - 2022
Montefeltro oil on panel 40x30 cm - 2022
BALDA0044 Parish church of San Cassiano 1 oil on panel 40x50 cm - 2021
BALDA0045 Parish church of San Cassiano 1 oil on panel 40x30 cm - 2021
BALDA0046 City oil on wood 40x30 cm - 2021
BALDA0038 Pomegranate oil on wood 40x30 cm - 2020
BALDA0047 City oil on wood 40x30 cm - 2021
BALDA0048 Alchechengi olio su tavola cm 40x50 - 2021
BALDA0048 Alchechengi oil on wood 40x50 cm - 2021
BALDA0016 Natura morta (alchechengi) matita su carta intelaiata cm 70x49
BALDA0016 Still life (alchechengi) pencil on framed paper cm 70x49
BALDA0049 Kingfisher and barbed wire oil on panel 40x50 cm - 2021
BALDA0008 Snipe pencil on framed paper 70x54 cm - 2015
BALDA0018 Composition pencil on framed paper 38x28 cm
BALDA0019 Composition pencil on framed paper 29x38 cm
BALDA0015 Still life (melograni) pencil on framed paper 71x54 cm
BALDA0017 Still life (alchechengi) pencil on framed paper 40x29.5 cm
BALDA0020 Still life (melograno) pencil on framed paper 37.5x25 cm
BALDA0021 Still life (melograno) pencil on framed paper 28.5x23 cm
BALDA0029 Butterflies and daisy oil on wood 20x20 cm - 2020
BALDA0030 The white rose oil on canvas cm 15x15 - 2020
BALDA0032 Undergrowth oil on wood 15x15 cm - 2020
BALDA0034 Butterflies and daisies oil on wood 20x20 cm - 2020
BALDA0033 Chub oil on wood 20x20 - 2020
BALDA0043 Kingfisher mixed media on wood 26x28 cm - 2021

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"San Sebastiano"