Mauro Reggio

Mauro Reggio

Mauro Reggio was born in Rome in 1971. The passion for painting he had from the beginning will take him to 1993 to the achievement of a degree with honors to the Academy of Fine Arts of his city. Lives and works in Rocca di Papa (RM).

Start exhibiting in the 1992. In the following years, he focuses mainly on the urban landscape of which he enhances perspectives and architectures by stripping them of the signs and presence of man to highlight their geometries and colors, transforms them into the true and only object of the painting: tangentials and gasometers, Baroque palaces and industrial archeology portrayed in a timeless present. There are many personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad in prestigious galleries, museums and institutional spaces, with two participations in the Venice Biennale (2011 e 2015). His paintings are present in numerous public and private collections, including that of the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome (Macro), the Farnesina Collection at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that of the Senate of the Italian Republic with three large paintings of which commissioned specifically for the central wall of the Salla Nassirya used for press conferences, the Bulgari collection with works in the New York atelier, The Angels, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Taipei (Taiwan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and in the headquarters in Rome. In 2021 wins the Excellent Painters Award with a painting representing the Colosseum.


REGGI0023 Parma, Piazza Duomo olio su tela cm 100x150 - 2023
REGGI0023 Parma, Piazza Duomo oil on canvas 100x150 cm - 2023
REGGI0013 Tangential Oil on board cm 20x20 - 2022
REGGI0008 Tangential Oil on board cm 15x15 - 2022
REGGI0009 Tangential oil on wood cm 15x15 - 2022
REGGI0012 Mandrione oil on wood 20x20 cm - 2022
REGGI0017 Mandrione oil on canvas cm 35x45 - 2020
REGGI0016 Mandrione oil on canvas cm 40x40 - 2020
REGGI0002 Tangenziale olio su tela cm 50x70 - 2015
REGGI0002 Tangenziale oil on canvas cm 50x70 - 2015
REGGI0021 Tangenziale olio su tela cm 100x70 - 2022
REGGI0021 Tangential oil on canvas 100x70 cm - 2022
REGGI0004 Via Giolitti oil on canvas cm 30x40 - 2020
REGGI0019 Tangenziale oil on canvas cm 40x30 - 2017
REGGI0018 Tangenziale oil on canvas cm 30x40 - 2017

Exhibitions of the artist in the gallery

"San Sebastiano"

He then gets the Under Award