Raffaele Minotto

Raffaele Minotto

Raffaele Minotto was born in Padua in 1969. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, painting course, to Venice, where he graduated in 1991.

His artistic research focuses on the study of the figure and its interaction with the surrounding environment. Pay attention to the visual perception of the images through the study of the 'color matter' and the 'sign': in paintings of recent years, in particular, favors a balance, a dialogue, between pictorial matter and drawing. Besides painting, he adds engraving, focusing above all on the etching and drypoint technique.

In 1995 realizes his first personal exhibition, at the 'Yesterdays Actuality' Costume History Center in Padua and from this moment begins to exhibit its works continuously. 'Via Euganea', exhibition created in Padua in 2003 curated by Giorgio Segato, it documents well the intense work done in these years. In more recent times, in 2009, Minotto's painting has been selected for 'Contemplations': wide exhibition curated by Alberto Agazzani who proposed, in the Sismondo Castle of Rimini, an effective point of view on Italian painting. In 2010 proposes a new cycle of works on the theme of 'reflections'.


MINOT0077 La Prosciutteria Parma olio su tavola cm 110x140 - 2023
MINOT0077 La Prosciutteria Parma oil on panel 110x140 cm - 2023
MINOT0078 Le Stanze del Galero olio su tavola cm 110x140 - 2023
MINOT0078 The rooms of the Galero oil on panel 110x140 cm - 2023
MINOTTO0059 La grande festa olio su tavola cm 150x150 - 2019
MINOT0059 The great party oil on panel 150x150 cm - 2019
MINOT0042 Illuminated interior oil on panel 120x150 cm - 2018
MINOT0043 View of the interior oil on panel 120x150 cm - 2018
MINOT0066 (sostituito)
MINOT0066 The rooms of the palace oil on panel 150x150 cm - 2022
MINOT0072 Interno assolato olio su tavola cm 100x120 - 2021
MINOT0072 Sunny interior oil on panel 100x120 cm - 2021
MINOT0071 Interno olio su tavola cm 60x80 - 2020
MINOT0071 Interior oil on panel 60x80 cm - 2020
MINOT0072 Sunny interior oil on panel 100 cm - 2016
MINOT0056 Blue living room oil on board 70x70 cm - 2019
MINOT0057 The day after oil on panel 40x50 cm - 2019
MINOT0027 Day after day lights oil on canvas cm 150x110 - 2016
MINOT0034 Table set oil on canvas cm 100x120
MINOT0033 Interior with figure oil on canvas 50x100 cm
MINOT0015 Shadows on the snow oil on panel 110x110 cm - 2017
MINOT0026 Light in the forest oil on canvas 110x130 cm - 2016
MINOT0013 Landscape oil on panel 30x40 cm - 2017
MINOTTO0048 Paesaggio olio su tela cm 100x100 - 2017
MINOT0048 Landscape oil on canvas cm 100x100 - 2017
MINOTTO0049 Oltre il fiume olio su tavola cm 100x100 - 2017
MINOT0049 Beyond the river oil on wood cm 100x100 - 2017
MINOT0030 Reflected figure 1 oil on canvas 110x50 cm - 2016
MINOT0032 Reflections on the shoreline oil on canvas 70x110 cm - 2016
MINOT0029 Figure on the shoreline oil on canvas cm 50x50 - 2016
MINOT0031 Reflected figure 2 oil on canvas 110x50 cm - 2016

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"San Sebastiano"

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