Romano Rizzato Lotto

#Romano Rizzato Lotto born in 1932 in Dueville, in the province of Vicenza. He graduated from the Art Institute "G. Selvatico ”of Padua. He currently divides his business between Rome, Venice and Vicenza.


LOTTO0002 Channel - Venice oil on board 60x30 cm - 1999
LOT0075 Sant'Elena - Laguna oil on panel 25x46 cm - 2007
LOT0006 Villa in Sant'Agostino oil on panel 90x105 cm - 1999
LOT0090 Asiago oil on board 70x100 cm - 2008
LOT0060 Romagna (viola - orange) oil on canvas 75x110 cm - 2005
LOT0086 Romagna (stoppie e verde) oil on panel 72.5x110 cm - 2007
LOTTO0094 Another Romagna "Threshold" oil on panel 50x105 cm - 2008
LOTTO0095 Monti del Lazio oil on panel 60.5x120 cm - 1989
LOT0079 Porto Ercole oil on panel 66.5x75.5 cm - 2007
LOT0092 Cilento oil on canvas 120x60 cm
LOTTO0097 Arconte 2 oil on canvas 120x60 cm
LOTTO0015 Composition oil on canvas 40x30 cm - 2002
LOTTO0073 The cedar in front of oil on wood 25.1x52.4 cm - 2007
LOTTO0029 Towards Chioggia oil on canvas cm 90x80 - 2000

Various exhibitions of the artist

The artist in his studio