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Alberto De Braud

Alberto De Braud, born in Milan in 1959, lives and works in Milan. After high school he moved to the United States, where he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence in 1983.

In New York he exhibited at the Mokotoff Gallery, New Gallery, ABC No Rio Gallery, Art in General, and participate in the exhibition Artist in the Market Place, Bronx Museum, 1986.

In 1991 works and teaches at the Bemis Foundation, Nebraska, and create a bronze fountain for a Boston park.

He moved to Paris in 1994, at the Citè International des Arts Foundation, and exhibits in the galleries Pascal Lansberg and Sous-sol. In Milan since 1998, in addition to the exhibition activity in the gallery, the artist is dedicated to monumental sculpture, public and private: we remember the installations at Chalet Mollino in Sauze d'Oulx, Torino; at Palazzo Europa in Padua; at Bocconi University in Milan; the artist lights in Turin.


DE-BR0039 Fine del gioco bronzo dorato cm 30x27x18- 2009
DE-BR0039 End of the game gilded bronze cm 30x27x18 - 2009
DE-BR0043 Kaos (omini) ferro cm 101x75x75
DE-BR0043 T-shirt (men) ferro cm 101x75x75
DE-BR0033 Totem bronzo cm 70x12x12 - 2007
DE-BR00033 Bronze totem 70x12x12 cm - 2007
DE-BR0045 Pesci bronzo h 166 cm - 1992
DE-BR0045 Bronze fish h 166 cm - 1992
DE-BR0014 Kaos (chiavi) bronzo cm 65x54x50 - 1991
DE-BR0014 T-shirt (keys) bronze 65x54x50 cm - 1991
Alberto De Braud-BR0030
DE-BR0030 Kaos (keys) nickel-plated bronze cm 77 h - 2005

Exhibitions of the artist in the gallery

Various installations by the artist