Giovanni Paganin

#Giovanni Paganinwas born in Asiago, on the plateau of the same name in the province of Vicenza, in 1913. He works as a cabinetmaker carpenter, thanks to the help of the master builder father, at the same time making his first sculptures in clay and plaster. In 1938 decides to move to Milan and practice the sculptor activity. He frequented the Milanese environment, immediately entering the Bottega di Corrente, where his first solo exhibition is successfully staged in 1941, with the presentation of Duilio Morosini. Recalled to arms and sent to the Albanian front, Paganin returns to Milan, after various vicissitudes only in 1945, dove, the next year, sign the historic manifestoBeyond Guernica together with Morlotti, Testori, Widow, Cassinari and other critics and artists. Meanwhile in the 1943 he had married the painter Dolores Vescovi. In the autumn of 1946, due to a severe asthmatic form contracted in war, he is forced to return to his home country. During the forced withdrawal to Asiago, despite the poor health conditions, Paganin carves wooden statues which he will then present, in 1947, at the Borgonuovo Gallery in Milan. It is his second solo show, received with great fervor and enthusiasm by critics, in particular by Marco Valsecchi and Carlo Carrà. The disease will not prevent him from participating in the major national exhibition events in those years: in 1947 he is invited to the Turin four-year period; in 1948 at the Venice Biennale. In 1952, cured of the disease, finally returns to Milan. In that same year he began teaching at the Brera Academy, but only in 1961 wins the chair of Figure and Ornate at the artistic high school in Venice and then in Milan. While teaching, continues his activity as a sculptor, participating in reviews and collective exhibitions. In 1957 realizes the third solo show at the Galleria delle Ore. He is present several times at the international prize of the Bronzetto of Padua and at the National Biennial of Art "City of Milan" of the Society for Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibition.

Available works by the small artist

Ossessa (Expulsion of Eve) bronze 39.5x16x16 cm
Ossessa (Expulsion of Eve) bronze 40x16x13.5 cm
Bronze prisoner 43.5x10.5x10.5 cm
Maternity bronze 34.5x10.5x9.5 cm
Mother bronze 28x11x10 cm
Maternity bronze 60x22x19.5 cm
Sketch for Adam bronze 39.5x13.5x11 cm

Large works available by the artist

The fall I bronze 210x102x40 cm - 1975/1978
The fall II bronze 190x130x100 cm - 1975/1977
The long waiting bronze 165.5x45x41 cm - 1975/1977
Bronze crucifix 138x123x34 cm - 1963
The outcast I bronze 206x61x50 cm - 1975

Exhibitions of the artist in the gallery

Various exhibitions of the artist

The artist in his studio