Isabelle Cornière

Jeanne Isabelle Corniere

Jeanne Isabelle Corniere was born in Paris in 1974, lives and works in Florence. It is of Italian-French origin. She has been in contact with the world of art and music since she was a child (his father was the composer Yves Cornière). In the field of artistic research he uses various media, in particular painting and sculpture, investigating the theme of childhood as the main theme of his poetics. After university studies, he has exhibited his works in collective and personal exhibitions, in Italy and France.


CORNI0024 Shy resina cm 58x30x17
CORNI0024 Shy resina cm 58x30x17
CORNI0026 L'attesa resina cm 67x17x30
CORNI0026 The Waiting resin 67x17x30 cm
CORNI0025 Le Reve resina cm 16x35x35
CORNI0023 The Dreamer resin 35x30x30 cm - 2021
CORNI0004 The resin cap 64x15x25 cm - 2015
CORNI0019 Le Poisson resin-metal cm 60x15x15 - 2019
CORNI0018 Low-tide resina cm 63x18x15 - 2016
CORNI0009 Le Monde resina cm 30x30x30 - 2018
CORNI0009 The World resina cm 30x30x30 - 2018

Exhibitions of the artist in the gallery

"San Sebastiano"

He then gets the Under Award