Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande

#Matteo Massagrande Venetian by birth (Padova 1959), he is a painter and engraver. Profound connoisseur of the history of ancient and contemporary art, he is interested in the study of ancient painting techniques, of engraving and the art of restoration. His trips to Europe and the world are frequent, excuses,often, to develop pictorial cycles and large compositions. He started exhibiting in the 1973 participating in group shows and competitions, obtaining numerous prizes and awards, including the International City of Pordenone Award 1980, the Rizzoli Prize for graphics 1982, the Burano painting prize 1986; gets the Under Award 35 at the Third Biennial of Sacred Art in Venice 1987. Parallel to the pictorial one, the graphic activity started already in 1974, underlined by the presence in numerous prestigious group shows. Some of his engravings have recently become part of the Uffizi Prints Cabinet in Florence. He has always been faithful, rejecting all the "isms" and fashions of the time, he has his own noble pictorial vision. His language is a cultured synthesis between great history and the most modern figurative research. He has over one hundred personal assets in Italy and abroad. His works are found in numerous museums, churches, public and private collections. He lives in Padua and divides his business between his studio in Padua and that of Hajòs (Hungary).


MASSA0874 Van Gogh's mine mixed technique on panel 150x150 cm
MASSA0885 Maple mixed technique on wood 40x40 cm
MASSA0893 September mixed technique on wood 30x20 cm
MASSA0896 September light mixed technique on wood 150x165 cm
MASSA0857 Still life mixed technique on sackcloth on board 50x100 cm
MASSA0858 Mixed media chest on sackcloth on board 60x80 cm
MASSA0018 Snowfall mixed technique on canvas on board 100x70 cm - 1998
MASSA0026 Behind the Verena mixed technique on canvas on board 80x60 cm - 1998
MASSA0126 Golf mixed technique on canvas on board 150x100 cm - 2001
MASSA0851 Fireflies mixed technique on wood cm 50x100
MASSA0390 Winter in Budapest mixed media on wood 80x80 cm - 2008
MASSA0580 School I mixed technique on wood 40x60 cm - 2009
MASSA0589 Vegetable garden mixed technique on wood 90x80 cm - 2009
MASSA0409 Entrance (mailboxes) mixed technique on table 40x50 cm - 2008/2017
MASSA0092 Still life mixed technique on paper on board 50x65 cm - 2003/2017
MASSA0434 Mixed technique garden on wood 40x60 cm - 2008/2019

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