Enrico Mulazzani

Enrico Mulazzani

Enrico Mulazzani was born in Sogliano al Rubicone (FO) in 1949. After the artistic maturity in 1971 he graduated in scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He was part of the scenography workshop at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna collaborating in the staging of various operas.

In 1995 realizes his first personal exhibition, at the 'Yesterdays Actuality' Costume History Center in Padua and from this moment begins to exhibit its works continuously. 'Via Euganea', exhibition created in Padua in 2003 curated by Giorgio Segato, it documents well the intense work done in these years. In more recent times, in 2009, Minotto's painting has been selected for 'Contemplations': wide exhibition curated by Alberto Agazzani who proposed, in the Sismondo Castle of Rimini, an effective point of view on Italian painting. In 2010 proposes a new cycle of works on the theme of 'reflections'.


MULAZ0001 Senza titolo acrilico su carta riportata su tavola cm 96x146.5
MULAZ0001 Untitled acrylic on paper on board 96x146.5 cm
MULAZ0002 Senza titolo acrilico su tela cm 99x68 - 1992
MULAZ0002 Untitled acrylic on canvas 99x68 cm - 1992
MULAZ0005 Senza titolo acrilico su carta riportata su tela cm 150x100 - 1992 tela
MULAZ0005 Untitled acrylic on paper transferred to canvas 150x100 cm - 1992
MULAZ0004 Senza titolo acrilico su cartone cm 103x73
MULAZ0004 Untitled acrylic on cardboard 103x73 cm
MULAZ0003 Untitled acrylic on wood 20x25 cm - 1986

"San Sebastiano"