Ettore Greco

Ettore Greco

Ettore Greco was born in Padua on 12 May 1969 and graduated from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.

In 1994 he opened his own atelier and two years later held his first solo exhibition at the Scoletta del Duomo in Padua. In 1999, on the occasion of the first centenary of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, the critic Mario De Micheli gave a lecture: “Story of two artists: a sculptor, Ettore Greco, and a painter, Paolo Smali ", later published in a catalog with the same title.

In the same year he won the Grand Prix for sculpture at the Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujord’hui and spent long periods in Paris.

He took part in the Miart (Milano) and Artefiera (Bologna) e, between 1999 and the 2002 he has participated in many exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, London, New York and Lussemburgo. In September of 2002 was presented in the creative space of Pierre Cardin, as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale, in collaboration with the designer Rodrigo Basilicati. In 2004 took part in the exhibition "Contemporanea Giovani 2", organized by the municipality of Como and "Contemporary Stories", of Hera Contemporary Art of Brescia.

In 2005 he made a bas-relief for the Cathedral of Arquà Petrarca and a bust of Father Comboniano Ezechiele Ramin for the Municipality of Padua. In 2006 has created a large installation of over a thousand terracotta figures, presented in the church of San Lorenzo di Cento (Ferrara).

From 2007 al 2009 his sculptures are on display in many cities, including Legnano, Milano, Florence, Berlin, Paris, Turin and Reggio Calabria and worked for three months in New York at the Harlem Studio Fellowship (Montrasio Arte). In 2009 he made a bust of Sandro Pertini and a sculpture dedicated to Aldo Moro for his hometown. In 2010 made a sculpture for the stylist Pierre Cardin entitled: “Arbre de la vie” and located in the castle of the Marquis De Sade in Lacoste (France).

In November 2010, on the occasion of the Rodin exhibition in Italy, he made a sculpture entitled: "Heroic man", located in the main square of Legnano (Milano), together with a sculpture by Mimmo Paladino. In April 2011 he positioned, at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the house-museum of Gabriele D'Annunzio, a bronze sculpture entitled: "San Sebastiano".


Satyr II bronze cm 30.5x18x11 - 2004
Asymmetrical torso 29x17x10 cm - 1999
Satiro I bronzo cm 29.5x25x12 - 2004
Romantic bronze head cm 15x15x15 - 2009
Sleeper bronze 46x20x13 cm - 2010
Clear bronze 22x6x6 cm
The bronze shadows 35x35x45 cm - 2008
Bronze hug 10x17x26 - 2010
Nudino red bronze cm 35x23x18 - 2006
Bronze thinker cm 24x19x29 - 2010
Ferita bronzo cm 23x50x38 - 2004
Bronze wound 23x50x38 cm - 2004
Pregnant (Maribel) bronze 25x17x13 cm - 2009
The little Jordan bronze cm 27x17x12 - 1999
Matteo bronze 16x28x23 cm - 1992.jpg
Hug (particular) bronze 51x38x21 cm - 2007
Fall (particular) bronze 50x85x10 - 2001


GRECO0088 Scatola Amanti gesso-legno-ferro cm 90.5x101.5x31 - 2006
Lovers box plaster-wood-iron cm 90.5x101.5x31 - 2006
GRECO0047 Scatola Martire gesso-legno cm 225x23x13 - 2005 cm
Martyr plaster-wood box cm 225x23x13 - 2005 cm
GRECO0156 Torsione gesso cm 34x34x60 - 2004
Plaster twist 34x34x60 cm - 2004.jpg
Le mauvais larron gesso patinato cm 61x37x120 - 2008
The bad thief gesso patinato cm 61x37x120 - 2008
Patinated plaster newborn cm 21x18x43 - 2009
Blind children gesso patinato cm 54x54x124 - 2009
Head white plaster cm 43x20x24 - 2008


GREC0001 Figura distesa terracotta cm 15x70x20
Reclining figure terracotta 15x70x20 cm
Patinated terracotta Hercules cm 52x30x18 - 2002
Saint Sebastian terracotta-wood 32x36x20 cm - 2007
Saint Jerome penitent terracotta 38x45x30 cm - 2011
Re Mida terracotta cm 42x23x20 - 2011
Man sleeping terracotta cm 46x23x22 - 2008
Three heads n.1 patinated terracotta 35x22x22 cm - 2008
Three heads n.2 patinated terracotta 42x24x16 cm - 2008.jpg
Three heads n.3 patinated terracotta cm 47x27x29 - 2008
Patinated terracotta wound cm 23x50x38 - 2004
Oblique torso in glazed terracotta cm 41x22x13 - 2008
Patinated terracotta abandonment 41x50x20 cm - 2006
The touchy patinated terracotta cm 32x20x18 - 2006
The father patinated terracotta-wood cm 28x36x20
Patinated terracotta Mayumi 28x29.5x20.5 cm - 2006
Fragment and iron-patinated terracotta-iron 35x20x17 cm - 2002
Macabre head patinated terracotta-wood-fabric cm 28x30x18 - 2005
Man sleeping patinated terracotta 25x23x13 cm - 2005
Bambino nella culla terracotta patinata-legno-stoffa cm 37x80x23 - 2003
Child in the cradle patinated terracotta-wood-fabric 37x80x23 cm - 2003

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