Giorgio Scalco

Giorgio Scalco

Giorgio Scalco (1929 Schio (VI) – 2023 Roma)

Since he was a child he studied drawing and then painting privately.

After high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Milan. In 1952 he moves to Rome, where he works as a graphic designer and illustrator. In 1954 wins the competition for admission to the Experimental Center of Cinematography, where he was awarded a scholarship 1956 he graduated in scenic architecture and obtained the Golden Ciak from the Prime Minister.

Until the 1960 he works as an architect-scenographer in Cinecittà. In 1958 resumes his never neglected activity as a painter, starting a regular exhibition activity. Until the 1970s he also devoted himself to mosaics, the fresco and the stained glass window, in Italy and abroad, in public and private buildings, collaborating with important Roman architects. In 1960 the collaboration with Sam Swartz of the Guldhall Gallery in Chicago begins. The following year he went to the United States for some time, where he studies the painting of American Realism. His trips to Russia prove to be influential: in Moscow, where it operates in the building of the Institute for Commerce, and Susdal, in Coptic monasteries where ancient icons are restored.

In 1981 begins a long collaboration with the Galleria Forni in Bologna with which he exhibits in Italy and abroad. More than one hundred personal exhibitions, including: the exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, at the Steltman Gallery in Amsterdam, at the Solomon Gallery in London, at the Prom Gallery in Munich. Take part in Arco in Madrid, alla London Fair, at the ICAF in Los Angeles, at the Le Foret Museum in Tokyo, alla grande mostra “The Power Of Pictures” alla Martin-Gropius-Bau di Berlino, al Panorama Museum di Bad Frankenhausen, near Leipzig. His collaboration with the Japanese Tamenaga Gallery is also important, with which he exhibits in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Paris and New York. In 1999 is present at the first exhibition of Italian painting in Shanghai. From 1968 al 1992 he held a professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.


SCALC0142 In collina dopo la mietitura olio su tela cm 60x120 - 1988
SCALC0142 In the hills after the harvest oil on canvas 60x120 cm - 1988
A260 Le case sulla costa del monte olio su tela cm 135x200 - 1997
The houses on the coast of the mountain oil on canvas 135x200 cm - 1997
A600 Le case le stalle il bosco olio su tela cm 110x180 - 2002
The box, the stables, the forest oil on canvas 110x180 cm - 2002
SCALC0131 Dintorni di Sasso olio su faesite cm 59x64 - 1989
SCALC0131 Surroundings of Sasso oil on hardboard 59x64 cm - 1989
SCALC0137 La casa nuova cm 55.5x120 - 1995
SCALC0137 The new house 55.5x120 cm - 1995
SCALC0097 On the coast oil on canvas 68x60 cm
SCALC0094 Contrada oil on canvas 55x70 cm


A476 Oggetti e fiori sull'alzata cm 95x150
Objects and flowers on the 95x100 cm stand
A615 Zucca aperta olio su tela cm 121x83 - 2003
Pumpkin open oil on canvas 121x83 cm - 2003


SCALC0111 Clara e il sogno olio su tela cm 100x145
SCALC0111 Clara and the dream oil on canvas cm 100x145
SCALC0102 Clara and Daria oil on canvas 93x60 cm
Theater with a large painting of Elena oil on canvas 190x230 cm - 1997
SCALC0138 Ninetta oil on canvas 136x75 cm - 1991
SCALC0110 Arianna e Claretta olio su tela cm 105x115
SCALC0110 Arianna and Claretta oil on canvas 105x115 cm
Clara with Elena oil on canvas 120x100 cm - 2003
Elena in the old kitchen oil on canvas 155x150 cm - 2001

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